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The new Control v4 ball - Top quality ball for freestyle football

You have spoken and we have listened! The Control ball v4 is available to order.

Control ball v2 = Control ball v4.

The ball Erlend Fagerli has been using for years and won the most titles with is now back with an updated design. The Control ball v4 is the same ball as the v2, one of most icon balls made for freestylers by freestyles.

With your feedback, the Control ball is now doing a comeback and we can't wait for you to test it!

The world's most popular ball for freestyle football is now back to its original form.

You guys have spoken and we have listened! The Control ball v4 is pretty much the same ball as the Control balls v1 and v2. This makes the ball more grippy than the previous model, the Control ball v3. The only difference from the Control ball v2 is the new upgraded bladder and backing. This small change gives the ball a better and softer touch. The Control ball v4 comes with a few new design features, including the new Control ball v4 arrows, the updated Control text logo and "Control" in Japanese. The ball does also have the new Control ball v4 stamp as well as the World Freestyle Football Association logo. Most freestylers today do use ordinary balls made initially for football. That is why we have created a top-quality ball specially for football freestylers. It´s laminated and got an outer layer of PU leather with texture. The Control ball v4 got a soft touch to it and gives a good bounce even with low air pressure. The perfect allround ball for any freestyler!

Learn more about the ball in this video:


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