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Our STRONGEST shoes yet: The Explore Z is here

4Freestyle has been proud to supply quality gear to everyone around the world to help take their freestyle and street soccer trainings to the next level. In particular, the footwear department.

The “Explore” shoes have been at the forefront of helping to not just develop the individual, but the sport overall too. Many are pushing the limits of the skills all whilst wearing 4Freestyle on their feet.

Since the first Explore I model was released back in 2016, with the aid of constant feedback from freestylers this has helped each subsequent model to be improved upon and add something new in this brand’s mission to develop a ‘perfect’ freestyle shoe.

Without the invaluable feedback from freestylers trying and testing the shoes for themselves, this would not be possible. So a lot of credit must also go to everyone out there in the community!

Now we are extremely excited to announce another new model is here after much work behind closed doors; The 4Freestyle “Explore Z”.

While maintaining all the good aspects one would come to expect from the 4Freestyle shoes such as being lightweight and comfortable, one of the main focuses of these new shoes is in the material and structure.

Since 2018, after a lot of experimenting and testing different types of mesh while visiting the shoe factories in China, combined with insight from fabric development specialists, this has lead us to be able to develop “Enhanced Mezh” for the new Explore Z model.

Thanks to our new, trademarked custom-made fabric design, we believe these shoes are the best ones yet for durability whilst also maintaining that great touch for pulling off all tricks with the ball. The Enhanced Mezh technology (in simplest terms) is a combination of polyester and nylon but is also sophisticatedly woven together in such a way that the end result is by far stronger than any of the designs used on our previous mesh models of Explore shoes.

The name “Explore Z” is also actually reference to the mesh pattern, how it resembles zigzag or a “Z” in the way it’s woven together. Both the freestyle and street soccer shoes have these features so expect them to last even longer with improved durability.

The shoes are available in white, black, red and blue. In terms of size they range from EU 37 – EU 45. Some lucky people are receiving a pair of the new Explore Z this week, they will be the first one’s able to break them in and show us their awesome skills in them.

3 x Irish freestyle football champion Conor Reynolds, renowned for his amazing lowers, gave his first impressions of the shoe:

"They remind me of a mix between the Puma Archive Lites and also the canvas edition - but with better support around the heel area. They fit and feel like a glove on the feet and despite weighing in similarly to previous Explore shoes, they are even stronger. I'm looking forward to being able to test out some proper lowers in these!"

5X World Freestyle Football Champion Andrew Henderson has also added his thoughts on the Explore Z:

"I really like the look of these new Explore shoes. 'Style' is a big part of our sport so the looks are important and they have done a great job there with these. As always they are really light but they also have a good sole for training those moves too."

The whole process took a lot longer than expected but we are really delighted with how it’s finally come together and hope everyone is as excited as we are!

About the Explore Z shoes


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