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The Off-Pitch collection

We are proud to present the Off-Pitch collection!

The Off-Pitch project is a movement that connects people through the ball. Supporting players off the pitch by building stronger local communities to grow freestyle and street football globally.

What do we mean by that?

Well, our core value is to give back and to help build freestyle and street football world wide. This is something we have been doing since day 1 by sponsoring events, hosting events as well as supporting local activities to build a stronger community locally. In 2019 we rebranded the community program and named it "Off-Pitch". The project is for players off the pitch, meaning that we want to support self-organized sports and activities and become the club for people who doesn't belong to the organized form of football.

What does Off-Pitch offer?

With the Off-Pitch project we can support local communities by giving them a share off the revenue as well as using our own profits to build arenas for people to meet and play freestyle and street football. We believe having a physical location and a place to go to is very important to build local communities and to introduce new people to the sports.

We also offer a free online academy for people to easier get in to freestyle and street football and to learn tricks and moves: Off-Pitch Academy

Take part in the movement and help us grow this beautiful sport.

All the profits from the Off-Pitch collection goes towards building more and better Off-Pitch centers. The first one being Oslo Street Football center

Buy the collection here

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