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7 Questions With Brynjar

Brynjar Fagerli is 24 years old and has been freestyling for around 10 years now. He is currently one of the best in the world! lets see what he has to say!

For how long have you been freestyling.

10 years.

How old are you?


Do you think style is more Important than level?

I think both are more or less equally important to master in order to become a great freestyler. It’s not just what you do, but how you do it.

Does your gear affects your freestyle?

Yes. I like to wear a comfortable t-shirt and a shorts when train. Most important however, are the shoes. I really like the 4freestyle shoes because they are light, have good touch and they also look great.

What motivates you to go out and practice?

Different things motivate me to train. I have some long-term goals that motivate me a lot, like reaching my true potential in my freestyle level, becoming world champion and inspiring other people. Other motivating factors are more short-term, like learning a specific trick, a upcoming competition or just the pure joy of training freestyle.

Does music and musicality play a big role in your style as a freestyler?

I don’t think music affects my style so much, but music is definitely often crucial for having a great training session. Also in a battle, the music can help me perform better if I can make my tricks fit to the music in a good way.

What inspires you to be different?

A important reason why I want to be different in my freestyle is because ‘Originality’ is a criterion in competitions. It is also very satisfying to invent new tricks and combinations and get consistent at them. I find that the creative process is very intruiging.


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