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7 Questions With Sven

Sven Fielitz is borned and raised in Luxembourg and is currently 28 years old. This guy gives so much inspiration and joy to the whole community with his freestyle and filmmaking. Lets see what he has to say!

For how long have you been freestyling

I’ve been freestyling for more than 13 years. My journey started in autumn of 2005…

How old are you

I’m 28 years old - slowly but surely approaching my 30’s.

Do you think style is more important than level?

I wouldn’t say style is more important than level, but style is definitely important in freestyle! I personally always struggle to watch a technically advanced freestyler when their style is bad. However, it wouldn’t be the case the other way around: a low-level freestyler with an incredibly saucy style.

Does you gear affects your freestyle?

Definitely. I’ve let go of the regular matchball and changed to a more grippier kind of ball for example. The shoes are a big component that affects my freestyle too. Even just changing to a from an old to a new pair of shoes (same model) can make a big difference and takes some time to get used to

What motivates you to go to training?

Nowadays, I just love shaping my freestyle by experimenting with music for example, trying out new things and creating my own kind of flow. There’s so many tricks I still have in my mind that I want to develop and just the thought of that makes me want to go out to practice.

Does music and musicality play a big role in your style as a freestyler?

I would say so, yes. In the world of competitions, you could see a shift from lowers to a more allround, creative kind of style with crazy transitions over the last years. In the future, I think musicality will play a bigger and bigger role in order to stand out from your opponents. It gives you that extra edge. For me personally, it’s fun to try and play around with musicality. It’s a new kind of challenge/exercise during training.

What inspires you to be different

I would say other freestylers, dancers, bboys and many different art forms inspire me, not necessarily to be different per se, but to develop different kind of tricks. The thought alone that something originated in your own head can in some way come to life, is exciting to me personally.


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