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7 Questions With Olsen

Jonathan Olsen is currently 24 years old and has been freestyling for around 10 years now. He is famous for his beautiful style and sit-down tricks. The way he combines the creativity and difficulty is just insane.. Lets see what he has to say!

For how long have you been freestyling?

Its really hard to say, but I think it is around 10 years.

How old are you?

24 years old

Do you think style is mor important than level?

I think difficulty with some creativity it`s the most important criteria in freestyle, but I get more impressed if the difficulty are with a good and smooth style.

Does your gear affects your freestyle?

Yes a lot. Many people wonder why I use pants when am freestyling, and to be honest I can`t give any good answers to that. But for some reason I feel like that my style is just a lot better with pants.

Also the shoes are really important to me, right now am using Explore III Black Mesh with white laces with grip, and I think the feeling with the shoes are just perfect to my freestyle.

What motivates you to go to training?

It depends and the motivation can be different from session to session. Sometimes i need to prepare for a competition, and then the competition is my motivation. Some other times I just want push my body to see what I’m capable of doing with a football, try some new tricks and just do what I love.

Does music and musicality play a big role in your style as a freestyler?

Am not a freestyle who like «musicality» in my freestyle, but the music helps me a lot to push myself in my trainingssessions.

What inspires you to be different?

I don´t see myself as a «different» freestyler, but it´s of course a compliment when other freestylers think am «different». But for me it´s a good achievement when am do a tricks that nobody has done before.


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