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7 Questions With PWG

So we got Philip Warren Gertsson to answer the 7 questions.

His creativity and style is on another level, so lets see what he has to offer!

For how long have you been freestyling?

13 years

How old are you?

27 years old

Do you think style is more Important than level?

Yes, in most cases. If you are pushing your personal limit, you can't expect it to have perfect style, but once you have landed that move, I think you should try to make it look more stylish.

Does your gear affects your freestyle?

Yes. Shoes and ball are always key. A grippy matchball with flate soled shoes are always a good combo. Reasonably long shorts and a tall tshirt is always a good shout too.

What motivates you to go out and practice?

By now, it's a routine. No day is complete without a practice session.

Does music and musicality play a big role in your style as a freestyler?

For me, not really. Music plays a big role in my overall feeling, but I rarely act upon it. I am not a big fan of training to breakbeats and stuff, so I rarely get any beats to kill. Music is too fast

What inspires you to be different?

The fear of being like everyone else. It's easy to copy paste someones tricks, because you know they have already been made. So if someone else has done it, so can you. I try to mix up what I have, what I can and push that level. It's not really beneficial for competitions, but it is how I enjoy freestyle most.


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