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7 Questions with Erlend Fagerli

7 questions is a concept where we get some deeper insight of the freestylers mind. These interviews will showcase many freestylers in the future so we can share our experience and passion for the sport. The questions will also be customized if that is necessary so we can get the best information as possible. If you want to know more or have any specific questions to a freestyler that we haven't interviewed, feel free to place a comment down below.

So, we sat down with the multiple world champion Erlend Fagerli where we went through 7 questions about his life as a professional freestyler. Which factors has affected his career and where does all the motivation come from?

For how long have you been freestyling.

10 years.

How old are you?

22 years.

Do you think style is more Important than level?

I think the question is very unprecise, so based only on the question I can't pick either. It all depends. But from a personal view though, I prefer to watch someone with an interesting and smooth style, rather than someone with high level but not so stylish. But I also think they kind of overlap. A good style often reflects a high level.

Does your gear affects your freestyle?

Yes, quite a lot in fact. Especially the shoes and ball you use. I think the most important is to be comfortable in the gear you freestyle in. So I am really happy that 4freestyle exists so myself and other freestylers can have quality gear and shoes to freestyle with.

What motivates you to go out and practice?

The joy and satisfaction that comes along with it. I really enjoy pushing my limits and try to see how good I can become. The feeling of improvement and having a session where everything works, makes it all worth it. But there are external factors that motivate me alot aswell, like the freestyle community, competitions, doing shows and social media.

Does music and musicality play a big role in your style as a freestyler?

In practice music is very important for giving me the right mindset, and it often makes my sessions more energizing and fun. The same is for competitions, where good music can lift the events to the next level - making both myself, the other competitors and the audience more engaged and in the moment.

What inspires you to be different?

Being different is something that inspires me a great deal lately. I wish to bring something new and interesting to every competition, and I hope to inspire and to create exciting moments for people. I think it is important for the interest of the sport, to see that there are always new tricks and styles coming up, as well as that the general level increases.

Social Media: @fagerlibrothers

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