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The Community Program

We created a program to give back to the local freestyle and street football communities.

How it works:

- As well as working on developing our products, we want to share some of the profits with the community. We have created this program so each association or team with a goal to develop the sport in their region to take part and apply. We will then approve and help you create your custom profil and link. Everytime someone purchase our products from our webshop through the custom link of your association, team or project you will be able to track your profits.

The Association, team or project would have to use the money they receive to help their sport grow in their region. If you are in charge of an organization, association, team or have a project in your country you can apply for membership. But before you do please send us an email with information about your Association, Team or project first. We will then help you to register for the program.


Registration: (Send us an email first) 4Freestyle, By Freestylers For Freestylers


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