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Most of you know this guy by his nickname “PWG”.

 With more than 13 years in the game he has acomplished a lot! From being the show flow world champion to Asian champion in battles. But what is is most known for is what he does for the community and the sport. With his project Skilla in Manila and his own brand Foreverlution he keeps giving back to the community. 

social media: @pwgfreestyle






If you need inspiration or just want to be entertained, Brynjar is the guy. With 10 years of freestyle he has developed his own unique style with a lot of acrobatic moves. In edition to take the title as the European champion in 2017 he is also know for being thee double routine champion together with his brother Erlend every year since 2016. Brynjar is know for his performance in competitions and for pushing the sport as an athlete.

Social Media: @fagerlibrothers

Erlend portrait.jpg



10 years of freestyle and multiple titles, meet Erlend Fagerli. Hard work and dedication over years definitely pays off. With 4 World champion titles in battles and many other big achievements he is probably the most winning freestyle football athlete of all time.

With his unique style and flow he has created a new way of combining tricks.  Together with his brother Brynjar they are the Double routine world champions (2016-2019), and we are looking forward to see what else this duo has to offer in the coming years.

Social media: fagerlibrothers



As the youngest guy to become the World Champion in battles as well as Sick Three he is one of the most accomplished athletes in freestyle football. His consistency of world class lowers as well as acrobatic moves is what takes him to the top in almost every competition he enters. His playful style makes every move looks simple and he never stops to surprise with new and harder moves.

Social Media: @Ricardochahini

Ricardinho portrait.jpg



Aguska has achieved a lot in her career so far. She is pushing the female scene of freestyle and have taken not one, but two World Championship and two European Championship titles. She is a great allround freestyler but she is most known for her lowers. She have shown that girls can be better than boys and can perform some of the hardest lowers tricks in the world.

Social media: @aguskafree



Luca Chiarvesio has been in the game for 8 years and he has taken the place as the best lower freestyler of all time. He is 2x challenge world champion, 2x Italian champion and the first person to land a 4 revolution trick.

This guy is not only pushing his own limits, but the limits of our sport!


Social media: @luca95freestyle


Through 13 years of freestyle Lukasz Chwieduk has shown us that musicality is a really big factor in freestyle. You never know what to expect when Luki is performing. Hey always surprises with his spontaneous style and adapts to the music and atmosphere. With 2 European champion titles, 3x Polish champion titles as well as many top placements in competitions he have shown us that creativity is a very important factor in freestyle.

Social media: @lukipoland



Yoanna Dallier have been freestyling for 5 years and recently took her first trophy for being the best female freestyler in France. She has developed her own style and is pushing her level to become the best she can be. Representing France in Red Bull Street Style as well as performing all around the world she is a great roll model for young up and coming freestylers!

Social media: @yoannafreestyle

Yoanna smile palm.jpg



Tommy K is an Australian freestyler with a unique style. He is known for his really smooth soles variations and originality. Tom is a really hard working guy with a lot

of creative tricks in his sleeve. It is always a pleasure to watch this guy on the stage! The way he performs and synchronize his trick with the beat is really impressive. Being the former Australian Champion he have shown how far you can go with creativity and musicality in freestyle football.

Social Media: @tom.kentta



This guy is only 16 years old and is already the best freestyler i USA. He recently won the American championship and qualified for Red Bull Street Style in Miami. Patrick has developed his own unique style and his new acrobatic moves have already given him a name in the community.

We can't wait to see what his next move will be.

social media: @pawshawfs

Patrick Wynwood 02.jpg



Osman Roa is a Colombian freestyler and is traveling  the world with his ball. He recently won the Latin American championship and placed top 16 in the world. With a Latin American inspired style and his own moves he makes every move look so simple and smooth. His consistency  and flow is on a different level and he always deliver on stage! 

Social media: @osman_roa



Mikolaj is one of the most creative freestylers out there. Former European champion and multiple Polish champion he have shown that he is among the best freestylers in the world. Mikolaj have created a lot of his own moves, so if you want to see something different you should definitely be checking out his social media channels.

Social Media: @mikolajfs

Alvaro colorful wall.jpg



Alvaro, the Spanish Champion since 2018 have been representing Spain in the recent World Championships. With his unique style and sole variations he have developed a lot of new moves and transitions. He is also known for pushing his limits within lowers and have been putting Spain on the freestyle map.

Social Media: @alvarolopezfs 




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