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Explore II - Freestyle football and street football shoes

Finally they are here! The new Explore Freestyle and street football shoes model II. Since we launched the first Explore shoes back in August 2016 we have got a lot of feedback. The shoes was a huge success, but we knew we could improve and make them better. For the last 7 months we have been working on the new model, and with help from the freestyle football community we have made some adjustments.


The outsole is made out of EVA and rubber parts making it super light and cushioned. The rubber parts makes it more durable and will give you a better grip no matter surface. It´s wide to give you better control while doing sole tricks and to keep you stable. The upper part of the shoe is made out of a double layer of mesh to make it soft and breathable. There are 2 vertical and 2 horizontal stripes on each side between the two layers of mesh. They are there to give a better lockdown. The sides have lines made of rubber for better grip while performing tricks. In front at the toe there is a layer of rubber for protection and more friction. All in all the new model is more durable and will give you more grip!

Our latest partner and distributor XXL Sports have just received the first production of the Explore II. Our goal is to be able to have freestyle football gear available for all freestylers locally. At the moment we do offer this though our partner XXL and Torshov Sport in Scandinavia. You can get a hold of our gear in stores all over Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as online in Denmark.

The new Explore II freestyle football shoes is now available only at XXL Sport. They will be available in our webshop later this summer, but we hope as many as possible will buy them through our partner XXL. This will help us grow locally and will make it easier for freestylers to get a hold of their gear.

Remember, this is your brand! 4Freestyle is a brand by freestylers for freestylers.

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