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Explore Freestyle and street football shoes

The first shoes made for freestyle and street football, by freestylers. The 4Freestyle Explore shoes are developed by freestylers for freestylers. They are super light, comfortable and designed for a freestyle lifestyle. Explore your style and the world at the same time. It´s a reason behind the white and clean design. It´s your misson to color the shoes with dirt, hard work, sweat and tears. Write your own story! The shoes are designed to compliment your style and to help you grow as a freestyler. Follow your passion for the sport and create. We’re giving you the tools to perform your best, and now it’s down to you to put in the work!

We believe every football player should own a pair of our freestyle and street football shoes! These are the first shoes that look good for casual wear, yet still keep you ready for a game or a spontaneous freestyle session. Look good and be ready at the same time!

The outsole is made out of EVA making it super light and cushioned. It´s wide to give you better control while doing sole tricks and designed with a zig zag Herringbone pattern for more traction. The upper part of the shoes is made out of a double layer of mesh to make it soft and breathable. There are 4 stripes on each side, 3 lines on the outside made out of silicone, and one back at the side of the heel between the two layers of mesh. The stripes are there for stability and to give you a better grip.

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