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4Freestyle is a freestyle football and lifestyle brand developed by and for freestylers. Because of our passion for the sport all of the profit from the brand will be used to develop more and better products and to organize events for freestyle. We have been sponsoring and we have been a partner of the World Championship and European Championship, as well as many national competitions the last couple of years. Since our main office is located in Norway we have been organizing the Norwegian Championship the last two years as well.


We are mainly focusing on making gear especially for freestyle football and street football, and are always looking for new developments to make you improve your freestyle faster. We hope you will take a look at our shop to see what we can offer!

You can find our products in a few retail stores as well as in our web shop. 


We also provide football freestyle performances to all kinds of events. Because we are a part of the community we are working with the absolute best freestylers in the world as well as local freestylers. Visit our event page for more information and contact details.



There is a lot to say about this beautiful sport and art form. 

Some consider it a sport and others an art, or a mix of both. The beauty is that all you need is a ball. There are no rules, you are free to explore and to find your own style. Within the game you have different competition forms, and the biggest one is called "Battle". You basically battle 1 vs 1 for a total of 3 minutes where only 1 goes through to the next round.

The competitions have grown a lot the last years, and the best players qualify for the F3 World tour.


As an official partner of the International Freestyle Football Federation we are working for growth of the sport/art by developing gear especially for the sport. We do also organize events and competitions all around the world.


The Freestyle Football Federation (F3) is the worldwide governing body for freestyle football. Committed above all to grow awareness and participation in the sport/art. Freestyle football can be found at the heart of street culture around the world and F3 was established to support its growth for the sustainable long term. Amongst many products and properties, the Federation owns all rights to the official World Freestyle Football Championships, which is known as the F3 World Tour and co-ordinates World Freestyle Day every 1st September.

It was created with freestylers, for freestylers everywhere. All you need is a ball.




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